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January 2016

"One day in 2005 I was in Half Moon Bay and stopped by the Borsini-Burr Gallery. Dianne met me as I walked in and an entirely new world opened up to me. Like many people, I had always looked for that painting that complimented my décor and filled the intended space. Art was more of a decorative solution. Dianne took me on a journey that day of the artists she represented, their backstory and how she got into the art business. There was a pure and simple connection with this powerhouse of a woman who ignited when she spoke about art. That day I fell in love with art. Dianne’s passion was contagious, and I have come to understand that you should never put anything in your home that does not bring you bountiful joy. Over the years, she has represented many great artists. She led me to the art I have in my home today. Dianne works tirelessly for the artists she represents as she does her customers. Her taste is impeccable, and she intuitively sees solutions with placement and décor. If you are drawn to art, Diane Borsini-Burr is a one of a kind guide.  She was for me.”

– Debby C., California


February 2016

"I can attest that Dianne and her people have always accommodated my requests concerning the purchase, shipping, and financing of sculptures ,prints, and paintings. She and her staff have always done an excellent job in packaging the items to ensure the safe arrival of that particular piece. They have informed when an item is shipped.  Shipments are timely. If there is a problem, they work quickly to resolve it.  They make an extra effort to satisfy any issue which might arise. I would recommend that any one purchasing high quality art use Dianne. Her personal attention to detail and the service provided by her staff are outstanding.

If a party is interested in beginning to collect a certain artist, Diane and her gallery are the person and place where one should consider starting. Dianne has always advised me when new pieces are available. I have purchased a number of pieces from Dianne.  I continue to purchase additional art work from her.  I have been purchasing items from Dianne for several years. I would not deal with another dealer or gallery, especially as it relates to the particular artist that I am collecting. When I initially started collecting, I made the mistake of purchasing one or two of the early items from another gallery. I will not make nor have I made that same mistake again."

A Truly Satisfied Customer

– Michael A., Oklahoma


March 2016

"Michael Parkes is an artist I have admired since 1988 when I first saw his art cards. In 2000, I was able to find a few of Michael’s work in Southern California but the selection was limited. So imagine my delight in 2007 at walking into the Borsini-Burr Gallery in Half Moon Bay to find the varied works of this wonderful artist and to meet Dianne, the fabulous gallery owner, who shares my passion for Michael’s wo