Tim Cotterill "Frogman"

Tim Cotterill "Frogman"

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Tim Cotterill has become the biggest selling bronze artist in the world today with his elegant, stylized, whimsical bronze frogs and his passionate collectors span the globe. Known simply as the “Frogman” to his many fans and admirers, his unique bronze frog sculptors are designed to exude the same joy and exuberance that is embodied by their creator.

Tim Cotterill's bronze frog sculptures capture the whimsical character, the jewel-like quality and the pure JOY of these beautiful little creatures. "Through the centuries and throughout the world, frogs have symbolized many things - Good Luck, Royalty, Fertility, Magic Potions, Energy, Charm. In today's fast world, life sometimes becomes complicated and stressful. As you can see, my art is not. It's Elegant, Stylish, Whimsical, Unique and pure FUN! As children we were excited to see our first frogs. They made us laugh when they jumped our way! We were curious about the strange way they felt; the odd way they moved and their simple contented look. I used to watch frogs at my pond in England, noting how each one had its own color markings, character and even personality."

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