Michelangelo whose full name was Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni is considered the greatest artist of all time. In his lifetime he was often referred to as Il Divino (“the divine one”).

Michelangelo Buonarroti created some of the most recognizable images in the history of art. In fact, he became so famous he became known simply as Michelangelo. He was the embodiment of the “Renaissance Man” – a sculptor, painter, architect, and poet.

And now Michelangelo Sculpture International is offering a unique opportunity to own a piece of art history in the form of reduced size, limited edition bronze castings of some of Michelangelo’s most famous images authorized by the Casa Buonarroti Foundation.

These reduced sized Limited Editions were derived from Bronze Castings from Original Molds made by permission granted by the Vatican and various museums and basilicas throughout Italy. Each original mold is an impression cast taken directly from the original Michelangelo Buonarroti artwork. An extensive and attentive verification as to the quality of the original bronze sculptures made from the original molds has been done. They meet the highest quality standards by experts and specialized art critics in Florence, Italy and the United States and are verified and authorized by the Casa Buonarroti Foundation.

All persons should be aware that current Italian law now prohibits taking casts from any and all antique sculptures in Italy. Casa Buonarroti has certified that they are aware of the fact that bronze reproductions of Michelangelo’s works are present on the international market, which have NOT been attributed to him or authenticated by Casa Buonarroti as his work.

Michelangelo Sculpture International has been granted the exclusive worldwide rights to market reduced sized limited edition bronzes of 28 Michelangelo works in various sizes as well as busts of certain works. Available exclusively from a select group of Authorized Fine Art Galleries.

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