Winter Coat–1987

11" x 13" inches
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Fine Art Edition on Paper

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Horses during severely- cold seasons put on a heavy coat of hair. They almost look like another species of animal. The Crow Indian also is bundled up for winter. An old buffalo robe is thrown across his lap. Even his hooked lance is wrapped in otter fur. All those defensive layers, the snowscape, the spruce background, suggest high country and low temperature. The feeling is enhanced by the late afternoon lighting. Pretty soon, it's going to be really cold. You can't bring off a painting like this from life sketches. At least I can't sit down and fake figures and horses. I might get a model to move around as I take dozens, or hundreds, of photographs, so as to capture snapshots of action that are so much more convincing that what you can imagine in your head. Then I use all this material in arriving at an honest situation. To me it's a waste of time to try to paint pictures without having some reference material to go by.