Tribute to the Plains People COLLECTOR'S EDITION

Giclee on Canvas
35" x 50" inches
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Set Includes:

BOOK ~ Terpning: Tribute to the Plains People
Clothbound Slipcased Book
14" w x 12" h, 184 pages, 126 illustrations
Signed and numbered. Edition TBD

Fine Art Edition ~ Traders Among the Crow
S/N Giclee on Canvas
35"w x 50"h (ships unstretched) Edition TBD

DVD ~ Howard Terpning: Portrait of a Storyteller
A documentary covering Howard Terpning's life as well as the creation of Traders Among the Crow

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Be one of the select few to own Howard Terpning: A Tribute to the Plains People The Collector's Edition. This autographed and numbered book comes slip-cased in a rich olive bookcloth, inset with a stamped leather label and is lined with acid-free paper. The book is paired with The Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition of the award-winning Traders Among the Crow. This set will include a complimentary DVD of the new documentary Howard Terpning: Portrait of a Storyteller.

A Special Matching-Number Set

Traders Among the Crow received the Thomas Moran Memorial Award for Exceptional Artistic Merit when it was unveiled at the 2012 Masters of the American West Exhibition. Not only will the painting be hanging in the Tribute retrospective this spring, but its creation is the centerpiece of new documentary on Howard's life.

"The period in this scene is 1848-1850," explains Howard. "These free traders have left the large fur companies and are working on their own. They have entered the edge of a Crow camp with many trade goods to entice the inhabitants to exchange buffalo robes for gun powder, lead, knives, axes, blankets, tobacco and the various other items displayed on the ground. They use a wagon to carry their goods, and perhaps for transportation because the man with the glengarry hat and a cane has an injured leg. (Wagons were used on the Santa Fe Trail as early as 1821 so by the late 1840s they could be found in many out of the way places throughout the Plains.) Howard made the group small to give the scene a sense of intimacy. Of course, there is no telling how many people are surrounding the group pictured."

The Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition Traders Among the Crow is one of our oversized MasterWork Canvases at 35" w x 50" h. The edition is signed by Howard Terpning and its number will match that found in the slip-cased book.

The slipcase for this Collector's Edition is designed and hand-crafted by artisans here in the United States with archival materials. This beautiful, yet durable, presentation makes it ideal for display. The book itself, from the first printing of Terpning: Tribute to the Plains People, contains a signing page that was incorporated into the interior during the binding process. This signing page makes this edition unique from the rest of the printing, is signed by Howard Terpning and numbered to match your Fine Art Canvas Edition. The set is made complete by the accompanying copy of the DVD Howard Terpning: Portrait of a Story. Over the course of this documentary, you'll have the chance to watch the painting of your Fine Art Edition come alive.

Terpning: Tribute to the Plains People- The Collector's Edition is a triumphant presentation of a spectacular career and essential for any fan or collector.