Sunday Best–1988

28" x 21" inches
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Fine Art Edition on Paper

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To have been a teenage girl in a Plains extended family defies imagination today. We simply have so little frame of reference in our own culture as to the way a girl progressed to womanhood. I met this girl at Blackfoot Crossing in 1977, when the tribe was reenacting the centennial of the signing of the treaty with the Canadian government. On this hallowed, ancient Blackfeet campground the Indians had erected eighty-three tepees in a circle. Lost in the thong I saw this girl in traditional dress. I asked her mother's permission to approach her and photograph her. The girl was so shy, yet so compelling, in an old time dress a bit too large for her. She also wore otter fur wraps down her long braids. Certainly on this Sunday she was wearing the very best dress she had.