Stones That Speak–1980

26" x 32" inches
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Fine Art Edition on Paper

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1980 N.A.W.A Gold Award
In Genesis our Bible tells of "sermons in stones." Well, the Crow Indians also would let the stones speak to them, and as a consequence, they were marvelous trackers. Here the leader of a tracking party has turned over a stone and found evidence of some passage here. The compositional situation is interesting in that the upper half of the painting in dark and the bottom, so light. I tried to make it work by breaking light shapes into the negative area. I had the bank too high at first. When I lowered the bank, the picture composed better. This painting won my first Gold Medal, at the National Academy of Western Art show in Oklahoma City in 1980. The person who drew the right to buy it turned right around and sold it for a tidy profit. Some artists resent that, and they regret that they priced their pieces too low. Pricing is ever an agony. I try to come close to what I believe a painting of mine is worth, and back off some, leaving something for the next guy. Well, if I were to price certain paintings too high, maybe I'd still have them in my closet.