The Shield of Her Husband–1982

20" x 26" inches
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Fine Art Edition on Paper
Edition of 1000

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Here a Sioux woman proudly carries her husband's cherished war shield, an honor the Sioux allowed their wives on special occasions, though it was not common in other plains tribes such as the Cheyenne. The shield was perceived as having been given magical powers, and warriors went to great lengths to prevent the loss of its medicine. Some, like the Comanche, kept their shields carefully protected by a leather cover when not in use, even secreting them in some safe place outside of camp to prevent their being contaminated and losing their power.

The buckskin dress, from the artist's own collection, is a very old one adorned with blue and red pony beads, a trade item in earlier times, and tiny bells that tinkle as she walks. From her belt is suspended a knife sheath decorated with porcupine quills and an awl case beautified with beadwork.