Search for the Pass–1988

36" x 28" inches
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Fine Art Edition on Paper

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Early trappers and explorers moving across unknown mountain country dreaded the prospect of getting lost, particularly in winter snow, and finding themselves trapped by a deadly storm. Here, with the aid of Indian guides and a spyglass, such a party of mountain men seeks a pass which will take them across the mountains and down to what they hope will be a more benign environment on the other side.

Of this painting the artist explains; "I was hiking in the Rockies one afternoon when it began to snow. It wasn't very cold, and the flakes were large and wet, and they clung to everything and created the paradox of warmly colored vegetation protruding through the snow. Behind it all rose a mass of blue-gray mountains. The wind blew. The snowfall turned to sheets. Quite dramatic. It seemed to me an oddity of place and weather which mountain men might have encountered. With the help of a couple of Indians, they cou