The Ploy–1987

23" x 25" inches
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Fine Art Edition on Paper

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A mountain man finds himself in the midst of a group of Crow warriors, which was not necessarily dangerous because Crows, for the most part, remained on fairly friendly terms with the whites. When he gets to camp, however, he may find to his sorrow that he is missing something out of his pack. While some of the warriors divert his attention by yelling and gesturing, another is reaching in to see what they may find. Despite their status as non-hostiles, the Crows saw noting wrong with stealing whatever they could get their hands on, from camp goods to rifles to horses. They considered it their right to exact toll inasmuch as the whites were invading what they regarded as their rightful territory. Some Crows eventually became scouts for the US Army against their enemy neighbors. Crow scouts warned Custer about the danger he faces at the Little Big Horn, but he chose not to heed them.