Old Country Buffet The Feast–1994

31" x 36" inches
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Thanksgiving was not reserved for November or for the Atlantic coastal tribes who extended their hospitality to the Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock. A Shoshone camp in the Wind River country of old Wyoming was a suitable setting, too, for sharing food and fellowship with wanderers from another world. Two white trappers are welcomed warmly to a banquet of boiled buffalo meat and pemican cakes of dried meat and berries. The visitors are fortunate to have encountered a friendly band of Shoshone. Their luck would have been drastically different if they had stumbled upon the Sioux or Cheyenne. Every meal was a feast with spiritual overtones to the People, whatever the fare and no matter how much or how little they had. It was their custom to share and to be thankful for what the spirits had provided. The feast involved much more than just the eating of a meal. It was an occasion to uplift the spirit of the People and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood.