Offerings to the Little People–1999

Giclee on Canvas
31" x 21" inches
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Fine Art Edition on Canvas
Edition of 975

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1998 Cowboy Artists of America Gold Award
1998 Kieckhefer Award Best of Show
Howard explains the little-known Crow custom that inspired this work: "Planting tobacco seeds was a religious event performed by the tobacco society. After the ground was prepared, members placed branches around the garden to protect the plants. Small offerings, such as bits of ribbon and feathers, were tied to the branches. Once the seeds were planted, sticks about 18" long were inserted into the ground with small medicine bundles attached. The Crow believed that little people lived in the ground and helped make the tobacco plants grow, so the bundles, containing berries, herbs etc., along with tiny moccasins and other miniature articles of clothing were given as offerings".