With Mother Earth–1995

26" x 31" inches
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Fine Art Edition on Paper

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The Blackfoot domain was a combination and contrast of prairie buffalo range and high mountain majesty. The Blackfoot and their brothers, the Piegan and the Blood, controlled the top of the world in relation to all the other tribes who occupied the Great Plains, from northern Montana across the international border into the Canadian wilderness.

Mother Earth sorely tested these of her children who chose the challenge of life in a place both rugged and remote. She worried them with winter winds and the cold and snow of long days when the spirit of Sun hug close on the horizon and would not bless the lodges of the People with its warmth.

But the Blackfoot belonged here. They were at peace in their spirits and with the spirits of this place of hard-edged, brittle beauty. Intruders would find no welcome here. The Blackfoot would prove to be as hard and inhospitable as the country that they claimed.