Crow Camp 1864–1994

21" x 32" inches
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Fine Art Edition on Paper

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I was originally going to call the painting Living, because, in a sense, this is what living was all about in those days. It's obviously late afternoon and the sun's close to setting. The men usually eat first, so some of them have finished eating and saddled up, and are going to enjoy an evening ride. The women are still cooking around their fires. I just wanted to show a late afternoon camp scene with a nice mood. These are not specific mountains. That doesn't mean there aren't scenes up in Montana and Wyoming that look like this, but this is not a particular scene. It is one I created to show many different aspects of normal living at this time of history in the West. There's an unfinished teepee, buffalo meat drying on the racks, and a little cradleboard leaning up against one of the teepees. There are dogs and children and all sorts of other things.