Capture of the Horse Bundle–1993

22" x 36" inches
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Fine Art Edition on Paper

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"I saw the medicine bundle in Montana and knew I wanted to build a story around it," says Terpning. "Nobody's been able to define exactly what it is, but we know it pertained to the horse and had sacred objects inside it. This bundle was important medicine, so I wanted to create as much action, motion and excitement around it as I could." He accomplishes this by having seven Crow men on horseback returning from a raid on a Blackfeet camp. They are galloping in the foreground of the image, with all the village people cheering them on. "The horse bundles were often displayed outside the teepees during the day but kept inside at night, so it would be virtually impossible to steal one," Terpning says. " it was a very difficult feat, to say the least, so capturing one from an enemy was considered an important coup which required great courage and skill"