The Cache–1985

29" x 22" inches
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The land, always the land, was bountiful deity. You could even hide something in it, as have these Apaches. It's difficult for us moderns to conceive of the attitudes of the first Americans toward the land. They dwelt in, on, and above the land and were upon it always. It was living divinity. One has to study and study a piece of ground to know it that way. Maybe I came close to that understanding with this eroded bank of an Arizona arroyo. Many times I rode horseback along this dry wash, and this pocked, rocky, slope of mud began to communicate with me. Little by little the idea came to mind, and I made a great many photographic studies of patterns of early and late light and shadow. And in time I visualized these two Apaches on the run, hiding their plunder in this embankment.