The Bonnet Case–2001

Giclee on Canvas
19" x 29" inches
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Fine Art Edition on Canvas
Edition of 650

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Winner of the Cowboy Artist of America Silver Award 1998. There are legends of the Blackfoot’s boldness in battle. They were warriors armed with strong medicine, and their pride was a power recognized and respected by all the tribes who lived on the northern plains. Two Blackfoot brethren are set apart from the crowd and the clamor of camp in preparation for some ceremony. They are rigged out in the regalia of their rank among the People. The younger man wears the prized and prestigious necklace of bear claws and it’s empowered by the bear’s strong spirit. The older, a veteran warrior, is opening a painted rawhide case that contains his war bonnet of trailing eagle feathers. The war bonnet was an emblem of exceptional spiritual power based on the eagle’s predatory prowess. The design of each bonnet was distinctive and was revealed to its owner in a vision sent by the spirits. Bear claws, eagle feathers and the other trappings of a warrior’s personal medicine were armor enough when the brave Blackfoot rode into battle, and their spirits were invincible.