90th Birthday Series

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Borsini-Burr Has These Sold Out Giclee on Canvas Available
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Status Symbols / 34"h x 26"w
Released: November 5, 2017

The Ploy / 26"h x 42"w
Released: February 5, 2018

Crossing Below the Falls / 56"h x 40"w
Released May 5, 2018

Sioux Flag Carrier / 14"h x 12.5"w
Released June 5, 2018

Dust of Many Pony Soldiers/ 34"h x 50"w
Released August 5, 2018

Shield of Her Husband / 34"h x 26"w
Released November 5, 2018

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Howard Terpning turned 90 on November 5th, 2017! Borsini-Burr is celebrating Howard's 90th birthday by offering you a special new series of limited editions of some of Howard's classic works - the Howard Terpning 90th Birthday Series. Reserve your series and be assured of receiving the same print number(s) from each edition in the Series.

This unique logo chop (note the silver ferrule on the brush) is found on both the fine art canvas and accompanying paper Remarque Print. This signifies they are an edition in the 90th Birthday Series. The logo chop, hand signature and matching numbers on each create a one of a kind collectible set.