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The Long Trail Ahead

by Howard Terpning
Western Artist Estate
38" x 26" inches
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Framed Size: 42" x 31" inches

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Blackfoot warriors often traveled great distances on foot, says Howard Terpning. There are accounts of men walking as far south as Mexico (the always-summer land) to obtain horses. A lone warrior might decide to explore an unfamiliar part of the country; travel alone and on foot to seek out and avenge an enemy or to perhaps steal horses from that enemy. Whatever this man's reason was for walking a great distance we can only speculate, but he had the survival skills and stamina to accomplish just about anything he set out to do provided he avoided enemy war parties.

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Order today to receive Sioux Flag Carrier, 16" x 18" an exclusive and limited SOLD OUT AT PUBLISHER gift with purchase. The flag, or banner staff, was made with eagle feathers. The flag was usually carried by the man who rode near the war leader so that when in a battle the members of the war party could locate the leader to obtain his orders. This flag was most useful in larger engagements. In any small skirmish between war tribes, it was every man for himself.