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Michael Parkes
Robert Bissell
Lori Preusch
Kinuko Y. Craft
Howard Terpning
Lorraine Vail

Beautiful Gallery/Showroom Features Imaginary Realism Art by Michael Parkes, Kinuko Y. Craft, Robert Bissell, Lori Preusch, Lorraine Vail and Howard Terpning. 

Borsini-Burr Gallery represents renowned artists featuring originals, sculptures and rare fine art editions from the most sought after Imaginary Realism Artists on the national and international art scene today.  The gallery’s stunning showroom on the California coast in Montara, just South of San Francisco, is a destination gallery in the heart of the most beautiful coastal views in the country. 

Imaginary Realism Artists featuring Michael Parkes, Robert Bissell, Lori Preusch and Kinuko Y. Craft. If you are looking for an art experience like no other come and visit our showroom and find out what makes these artists so amazing. Contact Dianne (650) 302-2049 for information.

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BIssell, Robert

Craft, Kinuko Y.

Lorraine Vail

Frogman, Tim Cotterill

Parkes, Michael

Terpning, Howard

Preusch, Lori

Ting Shao Kuang