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Artists: Michael Parkes


Michael Parkes
Special Celebration of Michael Parkes Life
October 12, 2013.
Call Dianne for details.  Direct: 650-302-2049

 Michael Parkes is the world's leading magical realist painter, sculptor, and stone lithographer.

Dear Friends

Michael Parkes is celebrating his 69th birthday this year on October 12th.  In honor of his birthday and his 40 years of success we are honoring him with a special birthday week-end.  Anyone who loves Michael Parkes, has any of his collection or wants to know and see more by this Artist does not want to miss this special celebrations.  There is a guarantee that you will experience an unbelievable feast for your eyes with his largest showing ever. The special events planned will be unique to this incredible artist and his birthday.

So welcome to the world of Michael Parkes as we celebrate his life with his art.  See you soon as you celebrate the magic with Renown Magical Realism Artist Michael Parkes at Borsini-Burr Gallery located at 1401 Main Street Montara, California (7 miles North of Half Moon Bay and 20 Miles South of San Francisco.)

A word from Michael about his forthcoming show:

"After visiting the retrospective exhibition of Klimt in January 2013, I indulged in creating a feast of gold and silver paintings and drawing for several months. I knew it would not last but what fun while it did. Now, several months into the time I need to prepare my exhibition for October, I find myself spent and out of ideas to go forward. This is when, like every artist, I return to 'The Sketchbook'. This is a period that every artist experiences on a regular basis. It is a time to reinvent and create new ideas for the future. Of course, this comes after a certain amount of time when one has doubts - thinking there will never be any new ideas…this is the end! All of the muses have left the building.

Then I open my sketchbook and make a small doodle that means nothing; then a larger sketch that perhaps connects to something done earlier. Or maybe not. Sometimes a new thought connects to an incomplete idea done years ago. So it begins…the journey to a new phase of the creative process.

My exhibition will contain paintings and drawing as a homage to Gustav Klimt and the Austrian Secessionists. But because no artist can dwell long in the past the rest of the exhibition is my journey forward into the future.

Sketches are wonderful things because they can be partial ideas that allow the viewer to imagine along with the artist.They can be intimate thoughts that could never be paintings. And others will become the primary source for new paintings. But most of all they are a record of an artist's journey into unchartered territory…the act of creation at its' essence. Why not come and join me in October at Borsini-Burr Gallery located at 1401 Main Street Montara, California (7 miles North of Half Moon Bay and 20 Miles South of San Francisco) and OPEN THE SKETCHBOOK?

– Michael Parkes



Michael Parkes is the world's leading magical realist painter, sculptor, and stone lithographer.  His decades of success as a fine artist stand out in the art world where few artists ever achieve success in both the primary and secondary markets.  Michael Parkes' works are collected by celebrities, prominent private collectors, and galleries around the world, and his body of work stands for all ages.  His first one-man show was in Amsterdam back in 1977.   Additional one-man exhibitions of Michael Parkes have taken place at Basel Art in Switzerland, Art Chicago, Art Fair NY, Frankfurt Bookfair, Amsterdam Art Fair, Tefaf Art and Antiques Fair Maastricht and numerous exhibitions in their galleries in Amsterdam and New York from 1977 onwards.

Though he studied graphic art and painting at the University of Kansas, his unique style evolved very much in isolation, after a period in which he gave up the practice of art altogether and went off to India in search of philosophical illumination: born in 1944, Michael Parkes was very much of the hippie generation.

Earlier on, Michael Parkes had painted in the generally Abstract Expressionist style normal among his teachers, but after his pause for reflection he began to draw and paint in a meticulous style of detailed representation which would enable him to give full expression to his inner world of images.

The style was in principle realistic, the subject matter magical, and Magic Realism has characterised his work ever since.

Michael Parkes has studied deeply in esoteric doctrine of the East and the West, and his imagery is drawn from a range of wisdoms including the Cabalistic and the Tantric, but embodied in forms from his own imagination which are immediately accessible. Here strange beasts encounter mysterious winged women, good and evil fight out their immemorial conflict (though who can be perfectly sure which is which?), and in this weightless environment worlds are unmade and remade nearer to the heart's desire.

Even as a student Michael Parkes was fascinated by various graphic processes, and in recent years Michael Parkes has become highly proficient in the difficult medium of the colour stone lithograph.


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