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Artists: Coleman, John

John Coleman

Born and raised in Southern California, John Coleman now lives in Prescott,  Arizona and is widely regarded as one of today's most prominent Western sculptors. The irony is that John Coleman has spent more than half his life "not being an artist." At the age of 44 John Coleman began his professional art career. Since that time Coleman has been voted into the National Sculpture Society of New York and the most recent inductee to the prestigious Cowboy Artists of  America.

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The Guardian by John Coleman

John Coleman

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More detail:

"I like to tell stories in my work using metaphors that help explain who we are and from where we came. Creating an object means little to me unless I can portray an underlying emotion or analogy. Each piece tells a story in the three dimensional, a visual mythology written by my hands and spiritual imagination somehow linking us to the past and bringing us to a greater understanding of our ancestors"

- John Coleman

When first exposed to John Coleman's work you will feel the power in his compositions. A man who has always worked with his hands, they are strong and experienced. Devoted to perfecting the portrayal of the human form with drama and accuracy, Coleman is distinctive. John Coleman works at a steady, productive pace, consistent with the research that goes into each piece. As a result, you are presented with the accuracy of sustained attention to the slightest detail, augmented by the power of the figures themselves, figures that seem to draw us in and convey a connection between us.

Whether historic, Native American folklore, mythical themes, or contemporary figures, John Coleman captures a human essence that will continue to haunt the viewer.


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John Coleman

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